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Here are healthy recipes based on a whole food, plant-based approach to home cooking. Recipes are inspired by traditional cultures and processes around the world. Shrine Kitchen is driven by a belief that healthy food can be delicious, and delicious food can be healthy.

Each recipe here begins with the most basic ingredients possible and provides practical instructions. Traditional foods are often made based on principles rather than one specific recipe, so the recipes presented here are intended more as examples of how one might prepare an authentic dish following whole food, plant based health standards. Recipes can and should be adjusted according to season, availability of ingredients, dietary needs, and preference.

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The name Shrine Kitchen is a reference to the spiritual connection of cooking. The kitchen is a place of intersect, where ingredients, preparation, process, and presentation come together. It represents our responsibility to nourish and care for the body and our ability to skillfully and beautifully provide for those needs.

Cooking can be a form of meditation, inviting mindfulness about what our food is and how it affects us and how wonderful it is. A kitchen can become a shrine as we heed the call to mindfulness. Being aware of our food helps us appreciate it more and enjoy it more.

Cooking can also teach us by practice creative principles of balance, contrast, depth, harmony, and much more. Using quality ingredients, skillful techniques, and sound creative principles will naturally create food that is both optimally healthy and very delicious.

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Shrine Kitchen was created by Kyle Cox as a place to record, reference, and share recipes and notes. He hopes to inspire others to cook so they might take control of their health, enjoy every meal, and expand their creativity.

Kyle grew up in southern California and studied art, Mandarin Chinese, Asian culture, religion, and anthropology at Brigham Young University in Idaho, receiving a bachelor of international studies degree. He speaks Mandarin and has lived and traveled in China, Taiwan, and elsewhere. Other than cooking and writing recipes, he does freelance design and illustration and enjoys writing, traveling, and being outdoors.

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