shrine kitchen author

Hi! I’m Kyle, a native of Southern California currently living and traveling in Taiwan.

Shrine Kitchen is a way for me to share my creativity, passion, and inspiration as well as invite others to live healthily, mindfully, and joyfully. I know taking care of body, mind, and spirit can make life wonderful.

I was a writer since long before I was a traveler. As a child, I loved reading. I loved how the stories I read could transport me to beautiful places and make me feel and imagine. Eventually, I decided it was time for me to make my own story.

Passion for the arts led me to study graphic design in college, but an impulsive trip to Taiwan motivated me to change majors and focus on international studies. This opened doors for language study, travel, and other sources of inspiration. All of these experiences culminated, and I found myself cooking all the time, constantly trying new techniques and ingredients. Cooking became my art.

After graduating, I found myself back in Taiwan—paradise. The beautiful island always has something new to discover. Exploring the diverse landscapes and cuisine continues to inspire me, and I hope I can in turn share my inspiration.

Some of my favorite things are cooking, gardening, gathering wild edibles, hiking, climbing up rivers, waterfalls, sunsets and sunrises, meditation, yoga, drawing, making music, and writing. I have experience designing logos and graphics, illustrating, teaching English as a second language, editing, proofreading, making music, and doing some photography and basic web design. I love all things beautiful, enjoy being creative, and am always looking for new projects!

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