shrine kitchen author

My name is Kyle, and I am the creative behind Shrine Kitchen! I started this website as a way to share my creativity and passion as well as invite others to live healthily, mindfully, and joyfully. I know taking care of ourselves body, mind, and spirit can make life wonderful, and I believe mindful meals and home cooking can help us accomplish this.

Growing up in Southern California, I have been interested in Asian cuisine from a young age. In high school, I began researching health and dieting and experimented with vegan and pescatarian diets. Passion for the arts led me to study graphic design in college, but an impulsive trip to Taiwan motivated me to change majors and focus on international studies. This opened doors for language study, travel, and other sources of inspiration. All of these experiences culminated, and I found myself cooking all the time, constantly trying new techniques and ingredients. Cooking became my art.

Besides cooking, I am a graphic designer, writer, and English teacher. I love reading, researching, yoga, meditation, hiking, cascading, rock climbing, wilderness survival, drawing, and photography. I am passionate about adventure and always love going new places and trying something new!