foggy mornings–
geese calling out in formation
golden morning
My eyes are stained electric;
my ears ring with the drone.
Everyone is God,
God is everyone.
Everything is God,
God is everything.
flaming sky


dancing pastels
My face
I lost my view
when I found
the desert.
in the quiet dark–
​spirit talking–
I jolt upright.
The sound of blood rushing around my ears.
Head throbs.
Heart aches.
My neck pulsates;
my face feels hot and red and fuchsia, and I almost cry.


Golden droplets of sunshine,
like amber,
fall from our cheeks.
The clouds speak in sad tongues
(cry out with thunder, dripping lucid tears).


Not trying to be anything else,
finding beauty in itself

Pieces of Dreams

I can only remember
pieces of dreams,
broken and faded.
The occurrences are unclear,
but those feelings


Darkness Rise

Nightfall. Sunset sinks in tones of hellish fire, blood crimson quick-fading to obsidian; silhouettes of steeples and statues sit far below like ancient relics or amulets. A meeting room fills with loud whispers and hushed arguments. An animated sermoner stands at the pulpit, his face painted with black shadows contrasting the orange glow of candlelight. Characters are flickered with shadows in the dim candlelight. Moonlight sculptures shape and fall like windowpane glass shards over the crowd…

Obtuse Vivarium
Division One: Jungle

The call came. Rescuer One was sent out, blasted across space and between layers of limbo. It came down aflame with the atmosphere, yellow, orange, white hot, burning with intensity as a meteor.

Termination System/The Great Prism
Division One: Preliminary Words

Within the great holographic prism, the men wear their clean, white suits over their entire self, a new protective shield. They are cybernetic people, people hidden beneath dissembling membranes. They are people who feel with integrated sensory equipment rather than skin and see with laser light scanners in place of eyes. They are made equal by lethal chemicals incorporated into their suits, both keeping them alive and killing them at invariable age. Holograms are projected about the mechanical suited men, granting them their frivolous fashions.

The suits are symbols, reminders that all people are equalized by death and ruin. In each suit is also the falsehood that the creations of mankind are ubiquitous and have always been so; within the holograms is the illusion that fabricated idols are powerful, though in reality they are powerless…

​Division Two: The Great Prism

Holographic blades of pink light shoot out in every direction from her armored head. Her face is solemn, determined. Her vivacious lips press firmly together. More pink holograms project from the sleek, white armor on her slender arms and legs.

She floats through the prism.

She moves with a strange grace, like a pristine gloss.

The holograms flicker slightly, becoming faint for just a moment…

Fight Island
Division One: Exotica

There is a tropical island alone in the sea from which no other lands can be seen. Atop the swaying palms and across rugged shoals, a soft night breeze surges rhythmically. Silhouettes of palm trees and sharp rocks beautifully contrast the fading sunset. Starlight reflects off gently swaying water and the reflections dance hypnotically across the dark fissure walls in the steep shoreline crag.

Godo watches droplets of water as they fall, each a tiny glint almost invisible against the dark backdrop of the cave. The drops fall like tears: slowly, constantly.

Division One: Report

“Why’d it take so long to come into effect?” Marcus asked nervously.

“Who knows. There could be a million reasons,” responded the facility coordinator, Hans. He was beginning to bead with sweat as he sat in his office armchair. “Problem is, this is the third report, and we’ve already administered the test drug to hundreds. Thousands, maybe!”

“Third! By gum…” Marcus fell back into a chair and puzzled, his face contorting. “Is there any hope? Any secret antidote?

“How could there be? We didn’t know about the effects ’til this morning, when we took in the subject for regular check up. She’d been behaving normally until the incident. Then we got word from two other facilities—same thing—”

The message receiver flashed and made a sound.

“Another message! By gum, by gum…”

“If this drug really takes two months to work—or to go completely wrong,” continued Marcus, “then how long before the other subjects have a…an…incident?”

The coordinator was silent a moment, then spoke. “Well, after the first fifty or so subjects were administered the drug, there were approximately three weeks before they began distributing it to larger test groups.”

“By gum…If I ever get my hands on those distributors…or those medicinal chemists! By gum, I will—” There was another flash from the message receiver. “Blast, that thing!”

“Calm yourself. So far we’ve been able to maintain the subjects. Even sent out a special team to watch those who aren’t in their appointments, terminate them if they act up. Shame we have to kill ’em, but there’s no alternative. Otherwise, they’d kill us all. We’re still working on containment for what will begin three weeks from now…”

Division Two: A Call

“What should I say?” said the lieutenant, urgently, half whispering. He was holding a telephone receiver to one ear and pointing the transmitter away from his mouth.

“Tell her you can’t tell her.” ordered Colonel. He was resolute.

The lieutenant paused for a moment and bit his lip. Then, he put the transmitter close to his face.

“Sorry miss. That information is classified.”

“What?! But he is my son!” protested a voice from the receiver.

“I am very sorry. Well, have a nice day, miss. Goodbye.” With that, the lieutenant terminated the transmission.

Division Three: Taken

“He didn’t do anything, he didn’t do anything! Let go!” the girl screamed. “He’s innocent!” An agent pushed her away. “No!” She was shrieking now.

“It’s okay Mary. I’ll be back soon enough,” said her fiancé, trying to be calm, for her. Two agents were holding him tightly, carrying him. Their shadows stretched across the desert. The agents were armed with multiple laser weapons. Four more armed agents surrounded, escorting them.

Mary began to calm down. Her breathing slowed. “Robert, I—I love you. Be safe. Goodbye!” Tears welled in her eyes and ran down her face.

They forced Robert into the back of a vehicle and locked him in. The agents drove away, leaving the girl standing in the sunset, her shadow long. She watched the vehicle disappear on the horizon.

When the vehicle arrived at base, Robert and two agents were dead.

Somewhere distant, a tear struck the ground.

Division Four: No Help

Scientists in white lab-coats and antiseptic attire filled the large laboratory room. Most were stationed at desks with various tools and equipment; some stood operating large machines. Amidst the noise of machines, all worked hurriedly: shuffling through papers, writing notes, studying data, experimenting, or observing tests.

Outside the room, two men conversed next to a thick glass pane with a view into the lab. One of the onlookers glanced into the room of scientists, then spoke: “Any leads?”

“No,” said another man, dressed up in a white coat and cap. He had marks around his eyes from looking into microscopes. “We still haven’t figured out what went wrong with the medication. Any efforts to combat the effects would be futile without knowing the source of the problem.”

“Damn!” said the first, a thin man with tired, bloodshot eyes. “Even with the best equipment! Damn. Is there anything I can do to help?”

The second man frowned, then shook his head. “No…” He spoke slowly.

Division Five

“So, it all worked out all right, eh?” said Hans.

“Yeah. I don’t know. I’m still not convinced.” A pause.

Hans took a sip from his mug. “Yeah.” He sighed. “I hope they figure out an antidote soon. The first wave was taken care of, but it cost way too many lives. And they’re still locating over half the subjects from the larger test groups. At least we had decent records of everyone in the first group.”

The message receiver flashed with its usual, dreadful sound.

literary experiments

Enfold me in merciful night.
ordinary objects
extraordinary display
Tread the slab.
ghostlike movements
glittering fog
Landscapes dominate.
slate mind
dream state
people that appear divided
dimensional dithering
My skull is still shaping to the day.
…drifted apart…
​scrunched faces
sentinel mentality
dream place reached
​silt on their throats
​The foam dies.
transcendental accident
​​dancing swords across the heads of evil men
​more elusive than a dot in a desert storm