In addition to the other things I do, I enjoy creating sound. Below are some samples of music I have written:

cover pillar of the flame beast

Pillar of the Flame Beast

Pillar of the Flame Beast is a sort of concept album I developed. I wrote the music as early as 2013 as a soundtrack to a story I had in my head and later wrote the story to fit with the soundtrack. Originally, each track was intended to go with a certain part of the story, so listeners could read each part in sequence while listening to the accompanying audio tracks. The story and audio can also be enjoyed separately, of course.

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Pillar of the Flame Beast

A great pillar looms over the barren land. Its shape portrays a stone beast, watching over the silt and sand, the rocks, and the cliffs. Its sculpted eyes inflict a terror so real that the statue seems to breathe, to snort and stomp and shake the earth. The pillar, enigmatic, manifests a fervor unparalleled, dividing fear from reason.

Smoldering Vitality

Beneath the stone cast, that extraordinary beast resides, smoldering with vitality. The creature is alive, burning and powerful; yet, it remains frozen, immobile.

Revitalizing Fire

Pulsating flames engulf the flame beast. It awakens.

Breaking the Mold, Returning to Life

From within, a trembling, burning aura emanates. The great, mountainous tomb begins to vibrate, and the blazing beast bursts forth with flaming effusion from the encasing stone mold.

The Destruction

The beast, frenzied, wreaks destruction across the arid landscape and crag. Jagged precipices collapse; harsh desolation is all that remains.


Completing its intrinsic rampage across the solid earth, the beast collapses, and immediately the carcass disintegrates.

There are several concept illustrations for this as well. Here is a scan of a hand-drawn comic followed by a comic layout sketch and then the original illustration that inspired this whole album and everything.

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Pillar of the Flame Beast concept sketch

Pillar of the Flame Beast original illustration