ginger cha (ឆាខ្ញី—cha khnei)

Bold ginger flavor plays the main role in this cha(ឆា), or Cambodian-style stir-fry. A signature Cambodian spice mix of black pepper and garlic join the spiciness of the ginger among notes of sweet and savory.

Ingredients are sautéed in turns, adding a little water to simmer mushrooms briefly. Once everything has been cooked, everything is mixed and cha khnei(ឆាខ្ញី) is ready to be enjoyed.

Serve hot over jasmine or similar rice or family style with dishes like bok svay(បុកស្វាយ)(green mango salad).


(serves 2)

2 clove garlic
2 shallot, finely sliced
1 cup ginger root, cut into matchsticks
2 cup oyster mushroom or other mushroom, chopped
½ cup water
1 tbsp salt
20 black peppercorn, crushed
2 tbsp palm sugar

• saute half of garlic, shallot, ginger until slightly browned
• set aside
• saute remaining garlic, mushroom, water, salt, pepper, sugar until mixed and cooked
• add ginger mixture
• serve with rice