wing bean salad (បុកប្រពាយ—bok brapay)

Bok brapay(សាឡាត់ប្រពាយ) is an easy and unique take on Cambodian or Khmer tossed salad. The main ingredient is wing bean, an unusual, elongated, four-sided variety of bean. Common spices of a Khmer kitchen flavor the salad mix, and various toppings add texture.

Fresh wing beans are similar to long beans in flavor with a more crunchy texture, a little like garden peas. They are great raw as well as blanched or steamed. Long beans can replace wing beans in this dish with similar results.

Pound spices for a flavorful paste, then toss with chopped wing beans. Top with shredded coconut, crushed roasted peanut, mint, and lime juice.

This salad works great as a side dish or appetizer. Similar salads include Lao long bean salad and karedok; green mango salad is another very different Khmer salad.


(serves 2)

1 clove garlic
1 bird eye chili
1 tsp salt
1 tablet palm sugar
1 shallot
24 wing bean, chopped (optional: blanche or briefly steam)
½ cup peanut, roasted and crushed
½ cup coconut flesh, shredded
2 stem mint leaf or coriander leaf, chopped
1 lime juice

• pound garlic, chili, salt, shallot, palm sugar, coconut
• mix in wing bean, peanut, mint leaf, lime juice
• serve