mung bean sticky rice (xôi đậu xanh)

Nutritious and delicious, mung bean sticky rice makes a lot with a little preparation. Serve these simply steamed rice and beans with a nutty sesame topping.

Soak sticky rice and mung beans overnight then mix and steam together. Meanwhile, pound sesame seeds with sugar and salt. Garnish the rice mixture with the sugar-sesame powder and crushed peanuts, or press rice mixture into balls and dip into the powdered sesame.

Mung bean sticky rice makes a great breakfast. xôi gấc is a similar rice dish usually served on festival occasions.

recipe(serves 2)

1 cup sticky rice, soaked 1 hour/overnight and drained
⅔ cup mung bean, soaked 1 hour/overnight, drained, and roughly mashed
2 pandan leaf, bruised
½ cup sesame seed, toasted
1 tablet palm sugar
½ cup peanut, roasted and crushed (optional)

• combine rice, mung bean, salt
• steam over water, pandan leaf
• after about 20 minutes, mix and continue steaming until fully cooked, about 10 more minutes
• pound sesame seed, palm sugar, salt
• serve mixed rice with sesame mixture and peanut