karedok (ᮊᮛᮦᮓᮧᮊ᮪—karédok)

Karedok(ᮊᮛᮦᮓᮧᮊ᮪) is a Sundanese peanut sauce salad from West Java, Indonesia. Spicy, savory, and even sour notes balance the dominant peanut flavor and fresh, crunchy vegetables.

Spices and peanuts are blended with a little liquid into a creamy paste, then simply mixed with fruit and vegetables.

Karedok goes great with Indonesian rice cake. It also makes a convenient side dish. While karedok is eaten raw, lotek(ᮜᮧᮒᮦᮊ᮪—loték) is a similar salad except cooked.


(serves 2)

1 clove garlic
2 bird eye chili
1 thumb galangal
2 shallot
1 cup peanut, roasted
½ tablet palm sugar
1 tamarind water or lime juice
6 long bean, chopped
3 thai eggplant, chopped
12 pea eggplant (optional)
1 cucumber, chopped
2 cabbage leaf, sliced, or 2 cup mung bean sprout
2 stem basil leaf

• pound garlic, chili, salt, galangal, shallot, peanut, palm sugar
• mix in tamarind water
• add water until creamy and moist but not runny
• add long bean, thai eggplant, pea eggplant, cucumber, cabbage
• mix
• garnish with basil
• serve with rice cake or rice