tomato dipping sauce (ແຈ່ວໝາກເລັ່ນ—jaew mak len)

Tomato dipping sauce, or jaew mak len(ແຈ່ວໝາກເລັ່ນ) in Lao, is classic, simple, and delicious. Sweet, cool, and slightly tangy flavors from roasted tomato make a great blend with spicy chili and a dash of salt. Like other Lao dipping sauces, jaew mak len is usually served with plain greens and rice or as a side dish.

First roast tomato and shallot, then pound the ingredients together to make the dip. Use a mortar and pestle for the traditional technique; with some practice, this is still the best way to blend jaew! This dipping sauce pairs especially well with long bean. Sticky rice and roasted peanut are also good compliments.

For similar dipping sauce, try sour dipping sauce and eggplant dipping sauce.


(serves 2)

2 cloves garlic
4 bird’s eye chili
1 piece galangal
2 shallot, roasted
2 tomato, roasted and chopped
1 green onion, chopped(optional)
4 stem coriander, chopped(optional)
1 lime juice

• pound garlic, chili, salt, galangal, shallot, tomato
• add green onion, coriander, lime
• serve with cucumber, green bean, other vegetable, sticky rice