Wormhole (蚯蚓坑)

Wormhole(蚯蚓坑) is a spectacular canyon outside of Taipei. Foreigners know about it and come from Taipei. Wormhole is between two bridges off Shuangqing Road(新北市石碇區雙青公路/106縣道) near Fengqiaotou(峰橋頭) bus stop.

From the south side of the river just upstream from the bridges, climb down the a path into the canyon. Further upstream is also great for exploring; the actual “Wormhole” is downstream from here.

Heading downstream, the canyon walls become steep and the water soon becomes too deep for wading. You’ll have to swim to get through. About halfway, there is a ledge where you can sit and jump off.

At the end, Wormhole Waterfall drops from the side of the canyon. It’s a gorgeous view with the falls and canyon behind.

Wormhole opens up to a beautiful valley view past the second bridge. I guess the open view is such a stark contrast to the steep, dark, and closed canyon to warrant the name “Wormhole”; take in the shady canyon on one side and the bright valley on the other.

Plan to spend maybe half a day at Wormhole. Be prepared to swim as the main section is deep; usually the current is not strong, but it could be affected by various weather conditions. Life vests or some flotation device may be a good idea.