Jinyue Falls (金岳瀑布) and Lupi Creek Waterfall (鹿皮溪大瀑布)

Jinyue Falls(金岳瀑布) is a pretty waterfall on Lupi Creek(鹿皮溪) up the road past Jinyue Community in Nan’ao County. The natural pool in front of the falls is a popular place to swim and play on hot days. The falls make a natural waterslide. It’s a bit out of the way, but this spot is a great place to jump in, cool off, rest, have a picnic, and relax.

A small trail follows along the creek for a short ways; otherwise, the adventurous must follow the creek the rest of the way to Lupi Creek Waterfall(鹿皮溪大瀑布).

Sometimes groups come here to river trace, so be respectful and plan ahead. Plan a half day for the river trace to Lupi Creek Waterfall and as much time as you want at Jinyue Falls.