Lingjiao Falls (嶺腳瀑布)

Lingjiao Falls(嶺腳瀑布) are unexpected, somehow hidden from view on the upper reaches of Keelung River. The falls can be reached from Lingjiao Station on the Pingxi railway line.

Following alongside the railway east, a stairway descends south along a cliff with some shapes carved into the face. Suddenly the trail reaches Keelung River and Lingjiao Falls

Some strange ruins sit across from the falls. They seem to be tiny rooms or some kind of tunnel system carved into the rock, but I really have no idea what for. A mysterious aura pervades. Visitors can crawl in and wonder.

Waterfalls in the Pingxi area include Hegu Waterfall(合谷瀑布), Motian Waterfall(摩天瀑布), Pipa Cave Waterfall(枇杷洞瀑布), Cukeng Falls(粗坑瀑布), Youkeng Falls(幼坑瀑布) Shifen Waterfall(十分瀑布), Wang Gu Waterfall(望古瀑布), Lingjiao Falls(嶺腳瀑布), Gemini Falls(双子瀑布), Wormhole Waterfall(蚯蚓坑瀑布)