Cukeng Falls (粗坑瀑布) and Youkeng Falls (幼坑瀑布)

These waterfalls along the Pingxi railway line are amazing. Both flow into the Keelung River

A trail from Sandiaoling heads up and around and down the surrounding hills to reach Cukeng Falls(粗坑瀑布). You can climb down to these beautiful falls and soak your feet. Here is a fun spot to relax and explore a little.

There are also nice views of Keelung River and the mountainous surroundings.

To get to Youkeng Falls(幼坑瀑布), you’ll have to walk along railroad tracks. Be aware of the train schedules and prepared to hide away from the tracks before a train approaches. Do not hike through the train tunnels.

Hiking to and enjoying these amazing waterfalls can be a few hours of adventure. Bring food and water and be prepared to step in the shallow stream water to get good views of the falls.

Waterfalls in the Pingxi area include Hegu Waterfall(合谷瀑布), Motian Waterfall(摩天瀑布), Pipa Cave Waterfall(枇杷洞瀑布), Cukeng Falls(粗坑瀑布), Youkeng Falls(幼坑瀑布) Shifen Waterfall(十分瀑布), Wanggu Waterfall(望古瀑布), Lingjiao Falls(嶺腳瀑布), Gemini Falls(双子瀑布), Wormhole Waterfall(蚯蚓坑瀑布)