Why Saigon is a Paradise for Creative Photography

Saigon(Ho Chi Minh City) is a Vietnamese city full of unexpected and beautiful shapes. The old southern capital is never shy with gaudy color combinations or ashamed of grit and grime.

Saigon is a city full of contrasts: bubble-gum-bright buildings pop against filthy streets; traditional markets filled with fresh produce neighbor mass-produced cheap junk shops neighbor fancy modern stores; chaotic, free-for-all alleyways coexist with socialist unity and order; all of it is beautiful.

I particularly love working with the bright colors, grime, and glam in old temples throughout the city. Some have a retro feel reminiscent of the film Nacho Libre. Most of my favorite Saigon temples are in District One, the dynamic tourist center, or in District Five, home to Saigon’s Chinatown.

In addition to the remarkable temple styles, Saigon’s streets are lined with interesting storefronts and filled with all kinds of unexpected sights. Just walking around the city one will undoubtedly encounter something extraordinary.

Vibrant life on the streets gives Saigon a hot and lively breath of its own. The local lifestyles are inspiring in their own right, and it’s worth taking a stroll through the wide lanes and winding alleys just to see how the people live. Tasting local dishes, checking out exotic produce and goods at the markets, exchanging smiles with old ladies, and seeing the local way of life is sure to make for a memorable, inspiring experience.

For photographers, Saigon is a gem of inspiration. The city is a playground of unique and vibrant scenes all around. Capture the vision.