Jiuliao Creek Trail (九寮溪步道) and Geba Waterfall (戈霸瀑布)

Jiuliao Creek Trail(九寮溪步道—jiǔliáoxī bùdào) follows Jiuliao Creek(九寮溪—jiǔliáoxī) until a viewpoint where Geba Waterfall(戈霸瀑布—gēbà pùbù) comes down from the side of the canyon and joins Jiuliao Creek. The waterfall is amazing and the creek is beautiful in its own right.

Jiuliao Creek Trail is out of the way and pretty quiet. It starts in an indigenous Atayal area and passes many native plants traditionally used by the Atayal people. Following the creek, the scenery shifts to a wonderful natural setting. At the end of the trail, Geba Waterfall seems to come from nowhere, cascading peacefully.