Wufengqi Falls (五峰旗瀑布)

Wufengqi Falls are perhaps the most famous waterfall in Yilan County, and the main draw of Wufengqi Scenic Area. The falls are divided into three main drops, the highest of which is really, really tall.

The lowest level of the falls is much smaller than the others, though it does flow into a nice shady pool where visitors can cool off and rest.

The middle level is tall and majestic and hints at the grandeur of the final, highest level.

Unfortunately, when I visited in early 2019, part of the trail was closed for renovations and I couldn’t get up to a good view of the highest level.

While visiting Wufengqi Scenic Area, be sure to visit the beautiful Catholic sanctuary dedicated to Virgin Mary, who supposedly appeared to hikers in distress there. From the sanctuary, you can actually see Wufengqi Falls and get an idea of how tall they really are.

Adventurous visitors can continue up Mariam Hiking Trail to Mariam Mountain Home or river trek to Yuemeikeng Waterfall. Wufengqi Scenic Area also has a nice, big picnic area near the entrance. The falls can get somewhat crowded, but the easy access, amazing natural beauty, and multiple nearby activities make it a great place to visit.