Xinfeng Waterfall (新峰瀑布)

Xinfeng Waterfall(新峰瀑布—xīnfēng pùbù) is a pretty average waterfall above a really rocky, wild section of stream. Getting to this waterfall is a challenge, and I honestly do not recommend it since there are many more interesting waterfalls that don’t require such a rough approach. But if you are set on visiting, I’m sure it will be an adventure.

One thing unique on the way to this waterfall is a group of mysterious abandoned buildings before the canyon leading to the falls. They look like remains from some kind of theme park or resort. According to some signs before the park, the area is private property, but the owner seems to have left it to rot.

Past the curious ruins is the canyon entrance. Going up the canyon does have some nice views with the overgrown walls and rocky stream. The going is rough; the whole way is full of big slippery rocks and stagnant pools, so be prepared to get wet and bruised.

Again, the waterfall is pretty average and easily overshadowed by some of the more unique and magnificent waterfalls in the area. When you finally get there, it is a nice place to rest. It’s the one place along the stream with a big shallow pool of water to stop and relax at.