Yuemeikeng Waterfall (月眉坑瀑布)

Yuemeikeng Waterfall is one of my favorite waterfalls in Taiwan! Near Wufengqi Falls, Yuemeikeng Waterfall is more remote, hidden but rewarding. From the picnic area at the entrance to Wufengqi Scenic Area, head towards the trailhead for Wufengqi Falls then turn left to a small pedestrian bridge over the river.

There is actually a small trail past the bridge that goes most of the way to the waterfall, though following the river makes a wonderful river trace. If you opt for the trail, you can make it to the falls without having to wade more than shin-deep, but be prepared for steep, slippery, and otherwise challenging sections. A few parts have ropes or chains which are essential at certain river crossings and ledges.

If you follow the river to the falls, make sure you have proper footwear and suitable clothing. The river is mostly around knee deep and the deepest parts can be more than waist deep, so be prepared to get wet. A dry bag is highly recommended to protect anything you want to keep dry.

Other than occasional groups taking a river trace, this waterfall is fairly unknown and gets few visitors. Plan on spending all day to enjoy this place to the fullest.

Before reaching the main waterfall, there is small lower waterfall with a great swimming hole below. It’s a great place to jump in and relax!

Approaching the main waterfall, the way is surrounded by tall canyon walls. To get up close, you’ll need to climb up a steep section with a rope. You can go up even higher to a cliff to the left or go right in front of the falls and feel the refreshing mist.