sticky rice (ເຂົ້າໜຽວ—khao niao)

khao niao(ເຂົ້າໜຽວ), meaning sticky rice, is a staple in Lao cuisine and popular throughout Southeast Asia. Cooked sticky rice is made from starchy rice known as sticky rice or glutinous rice.

The raw sticky rice is traditionally soaked then cooked in steamer basket, hawad(ຫວດ). It should be soaked overnight to prepare for steaming. The rice must be flipped and steamed for plenty of time to ensure all the rice gets cooked completely.

In Laos, sticky rice is often served room-temperature in a small serving basket called thib khao(ຕິບເຂົ້າ) and eaten with the hand. It is used to scoop up or dip in the other dishes of a meal. Sticky rice goes great with laab and jaew mak khua. It is also used in desserts like nom ansom chek.


(serves 2)

1 cup glutinous rice, soaked

• place rice in steamer basket over at least about 2 inches boiling water; cover
• steam about 20 minutes
• flip; steam about 10 more minutes
• serve