Dotonbori (道頓堀)

Colorful, bright, gigantic, and even animated billboards and signs compete for attention all through the streets in the tourist center of Osaka known as Dotonbori(道頓堀). Set on the water, this entertainment, shopping, and food district does not disappoint. Bridges over the canal connect Dotonbori food street with more shopping and landmark views.

Billboards feature fun, well-designed branding and advertisements showcasing Japanese style and creativity. Three-dimensional signs are a beautiful, whimsical touch. The retro-classic billboard for Glico is known across Japan as an icon of Osaka.

This area is famous for certain street foods, especially takoyaki(たこ焼き), grilled octopus balls. Kukuru(くくる) advertises their award-winning takoyaki with giant octopuses on their signs.

Zuboraya(づぼらや) is a noteworthy fugu(フグ), or pufferfish, restaurant decorated with blow-up fugu and illustrations in playful colors.

The signs for Kani Doraku(かに道楽) are some of my favorite. Multiple locations are easily recognizeable by the giant, moving crabs above the entryways, indicating the main delicacy offered.