Nishiki Market (錦市場) plus Teramachi (寺町) and Kawaramachi (河原町)

Nishiki Market(錦市場) and the shopping streets nearby are popular for visitors to the city. They are located right near Shijo(四條), one of the main streets through Kyoto, and Gion(祇園), the famous geisha district.

Get a taste of what traditional Japanese markets are like at Nishiki Market. Shops sell traditional pickles, seafood, snacks, and more. A generations-old tofu skin shop is one of the best.

The market meets Teramachi(寺町) and Kawaramachi(河原町) shopping streets at Nishiki-Tenman Shrine(錦天満宮). This traditional shrine feels almost out-of-place amidst bright signs, busy shops, and even department stores.

In the evening, pedestrians stream through Teramachi and Kawaramachi shopping areas browsing clothing, souvenirs, specialty goods, and more. Daytime is not so crowded.