Ninenzaka (二年坂) and Sannenzaka (三年坂)

Ninenzaka(二年坂) and Sannenzaka(三年坂), also called Nineizaka(二寧坂) and Sanneizaka(三寧坂), are pedestrian areas in eastern Kyoto City known for stone paths winding through traditional buildings. The pedestrian area stretches from Yasaka Shrine(八坂神社) to Kiyomizu-dera(清水寺). The main path is well-trafficked by tourists and filled with shops selling souvenirs and snacks.

Hokan-ji(法觀寺) Pagoda, locally known as the Yasaka Tower(八坂之塔), rises over quaint homes and shops, visible from various sloped streets and alleys here.