Jojakko-ji (常寂光寺)

Mossy old roofs preserve the characteristic older-Kyoto feel in this far corner of the city past Arashiyama(嵐山). Jojakko-ji(常寂光寺) embraces the aging culture with beautiful landscaping and traditional buildings.

Originally the south entrance to a temple guest hall, the guardian lords’ gate, or nio-mon(仁王門), was built in the mid-1300s.

An array of woven sandals decorate the entryway, including a giant pair that seems to be for oni(鬼), Japanese ogres. The whole place has a fairytale feel.

Further up the hillside, an observatory near Taho Pagoda(多宝塔) overlooks Kyoto.

One of Kyoto’s many hillside temples frozen in time, Jojakuko-ji offers a peaceful escape from the busy streets below.