banana blossom

Banana blossom is the delicious pod that grows from a banana plant and eventually flowers and produces the beloved banana fruit. It is also referred to as banana bud or banana flower. Unlike the fruit, banana blossoms are not really sweet but have an astringent flavor and wonderful crisp texture.

Preparing banana blossom is important but not difficult. It helps to remove bitterness and reduce astringency. To prepare the blossom, you must remove any undesireable parts of the blossom, slice it or otherwise divide into small pieces, then soak in acidic liquid for a short time.

Rinse your banana blossom and we are ready to start.

First, the outer petals should be removed. These petals are darker red and tougher. Keep removing petals until you reach light pink or yellowish petals(in the pictures below, I did not peel off enough petals…). The outer petals can be saved and used as serving dishes. The long, thin pieces between the petals are actually undeveloped banana fruit. They can be used, as long as they are white or yellow, not brown or black.

Second, the stem is removed. The stem is too tough and should be discarded. The tip can also be removed and discarded.

Next, the blossom is cut for use. It can be cut however you want, but it needs to be divided into small, thin pieces. Usually, I divide the blossom into quarters, then finely slice.

The core can be removed and sliced or saved for another use.

Then, the blossom can be sliced.

Finally, place the banana blossom slices and undeveloped banana fruit in water with juice from a lime or another acidic liquid.

Once the blossom has soaked about 15 minutes, it can be drained and used. Soak longer if still too bitter.

Banana blossom is the main ingredient for banana blossom salad. It can also be added to various salads, curries, and sauteed dishes like long bean soob.