mushroom aeb (แอ๊บเห็ด—aeb hed)

Aeb(แอ๊บ) is a banana leaf packet filled with curry. It is similar to ho mok(หมก), except it is grilled rather than steamed. Aeb is a feature of Northern Thai cuisine.

First, prepare the spices by pounding ingredients in a mortar. Next, mix in the mushrooms and herbs to complete the filling. Lay out a banana leaf. If your banana leaf is likely to tear, layer two leaves. Place the filling on a banana leaf and fold into a rectangular packet. Then grill the packet until the outside starts to char. Let cool and serve with sticky rice.

Many different kinds and combinations of mushrooms can be used, but I really like the combination listed below. Feel free to try any mushrooms you like or have available. The packet can be steamed instead of grilled. Wing bean amok and bamboo shoot mok are other banana leaf packet dishes; give them a try if you like this.


(serves 1)

1 stalk lemongrass, chopped
1 clove garlic
2 bird’s eye chili
½ tsp salt
1 thumb ginger
1 shallot
4 kaffir lime leaf
1 tbsp toasted rice powder (optional)
4 stem rice paddy herb, chopped
4 stem sawtooth herb, chopped
1 oyster mushroom, chopped
2 shiitake mushroom, chopped
½ cup beech mushroom

• pound lemongrass, garlic, chili, salt, ginger, shallot, kaffir lime leaf, toasted rice powder
• add rice paddy herb, sawtooth herb, oyster mushroom, shiitake mushroom, beech mushroom
• place on banana leaf
• wrap
• grill 5 minutes each side
• serve