pomelo salad (ยำส้มโอ—yam som o)

Pomelo salad is a specialty in parts of Myanmar and Thailand, where it is called yam som o(ยำส้มโอ). The Myanmar version and Thailand version are distinct, though this recipe blends some aspects of both. The unique flavor and texture of pomelo complements a variety of ingredients for a complex and satisfying salad.

Thai influence is evident in the chili and sugar and in pounding the ingredients together. Shallot is usually sliced finely and added to Burmese salads, but here it is just pounded with other ingredients. As an alternative, mince ingredients and toss rather than pounding. Toasted chickpea powder is a very Burmese addition made by grinding dried chickpeas then toasting the powder in a pan.

To prepare pomelo, first remove the peel from the pulp, then separate the pulp in each pod from the whitish film in between. Remove any seeds as well.


(serves 1)

1 shallot
1 bird’s eye chili
½ tsp salt
1 tbsp chickpea powder, toasted (substitute peanut powder, toasted)
1 tbsp palm sugar
1 pomelo pulp (substitute grapefruit pulp)
1 lime juice (optional)
½ cup peanut, roasted

• pound shallot, chili, salt, sugar, chickpea powder
• add pomelo, peanut
• serve