raw vegetables (rau sống)

Rau sống is a dish of fresh, raw vegetables and herbs to complement any meal. It is ubiquitous in Vietnamese cuisine, served at almost every meal.

This recipe can and should be adjusted to pair well with other dishes at a meal. The most common and versatile ingredients plus some less common ingredients are given here. All listed ingredients are suggestions; feel free to add, replace, or omit according to your own taste and what is available.

Pictured is a simple rau sống of purple perilla(tiá tô), spicy mint(húng cây), coriander(ngò), and Thai basil(húng quế).


(serves 4)

1 head lettuce, sliced
2 cup soybean sprout or mung bean sprout
1 banana blossom, prepared and sliced
10 bird’s eye chili
4 lime, sliced
10 stem coriander(ngò), sawtooth herb(ngò gai), rice paddy herb(ngò ôm), or combination
10 stem Vietnamese coriander(rau răm)
20 stem mint(húng lũi), spicy mint(húng cây), Asian basil(húng quế), or combination
5 stem Vietnamese balm(kinh giới) or purple perilla(tiá tô)
5 stem fish mint(diếp cá)

• arrange ingredients on serving dish
• serve