banana blossom salad (nộm hoa chuối)

Banana blossom lends a unique texture and a hint of astringency to this Vietnamese salad. Sourness from lime is a key element and pairs well with nutty sesame. Kinh giới, also known as Vietnamese balm, adds a distinct Vietnamese touch and pairs well with the banana blossom.

Easy and quick, this recipe simply requires pounding seasonings together and mixing with sliced banana blossom and other ingredients. It is eaten all across Vietnam, typically served as an appetizer or side dish. Banana blossom is soaked in water and lime juice beforehand to reduce bitterness. The outer petals are removed and can be used for serving.

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(serves 2)

2 tbsp sesame seed, toasted
1 tsp salt
1 tablet palm sugar
1 banana blossom, prepared
1 cup soybean sprout or mung bean sprout (optional)
4 shiitake mushroom, sliced thin (optional)
½ cup peanut, roasted
2 stems kinh giới leaf, chopped or mint leaf, chopped
1 lime juice

• pound sesame seed, salt, sugar
• mix in banana blossom, bean sprout
• mix in mushroom, peanut, kinh giới, lime
• garnish with sesame seed
• serve